Monday, August 7, 2017

Do you Operate Cooling Towers? You have a 53% Chance.....

Cooling Tower Wastewater Audit
Today we’re shining the light of truth on the FACT that those who operate Cooling Towers have a 53% better chance of being Incorrectly billing by their sewer utility. 

Think about it, a 53% chance of being overbilled.  

Over the past 30 years, Chelepis has conducted lease-audits for our Fortune 100 clients and we’ve uncovered hundreds of millions in incorrect billings. 

We’ve invested almost $1,000,000 over the past 3 years to obtain and audit the water and sewer bills of facilities all over the US to measure the magnitude of the billing problem. Check out our savings calculator to see how much you're being overbilled. 

While we’ve seen incorrect billing as small as $5,676 and as large as $1,325,317 annually, one thing is clear: the biggest savings come from those facilities that use more water.

This would include facilities that operate a cooling tower, use water for irrigation, or use water in the manufacturing process of a product.

Chelepis has the knowledge and experience to negotiate with your utility and city to adopt new ordinance language so your utility charges are more accurately based on actual usage. This is done while maintaining your good relationships. This service is a part of our wastewater audit program and is not subject to additional fees.

Chelepis recovers utility overcharges on behalf of its clients so they can maintain normal business operations. With no upfront fees or costs and no capital investment, you have no risk.

To see the how much you’re being overbilled, check out Wastewater Audit calculator.  

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Eliminate Electric Motors and Related Infrastructure

Next Generation Cooling Towers

Green Cooling Tower Solutions (GCTS) has introduced a patented induced draft modular cooling tower that uses NO ELECTRICITY to power the fan. It uses instead the existing water flow and pressure, already present in processes.
By eliminating the electrical infrastructure, GCTS drives out the cost of electricity AND eliminates the components most likely to cause outages and/or requiring maintenance. More importantly, low profile GCTS cooling towers run with greater efficiency.

Increased cooling capacity enables industrial operations to improve production, even in hot summer months, when conventional cooling towers are unable to provide optimal cooling without significant energy penalties. 
In February of 2013, GCTS completed its 4th year of field testing with stunning results, at a refinery in Lake Charles, La. A 7-cell tower was decommissioned and replaced with a 2-cell Green Cooling Tower. Electricity cost has been eliminated, along with electric motors, gearboxes and electrical infrastructure (wiring, etc.). Delivering increased cooling capacity with fewer cells, the GCTS 2-cell cooling tower continues to maintain demanding production levels and is performing maintenance-free since installation.   

GCTS cooling towers are ideally suited for industrial application, including steel production, petrochemical, refining, power generation, chemical, and industrial manufacturing including steel production, petrochemical, refining, power generation, chemical, and industrial manufacturing, etc. – wherever plant operators can benefit from increased cooling capacity and drastically lower operating cost.  

Overall Benefits

FINANCIAL-In addition to a reduced need for maintenance, the absence of electric motors to power the cooling fans translates directly and immediately into operating cost savings. 
PRODUCTIVITY-GCTS cool water at much greater efficiency, resulting in colder water, energy conservation and increasing output and profits. 
SAFETY & RELIABILITY--Without the need for electrical motors and associated electrical infrastructure, spark hazard (commonly associated with electric motors) is eliminated. Fewer moving parts improves reliability (no need for electric fan motors, gearboxes, belts, motor controls, etc.). Common "wind-milling" caused by lateral wind gusts traveling over the top of cooling towers will not cause harm to the GCTS hydro turbine, shaft and fan rotor can spin in either direction without damage to its mechanisms. Critical bearings are submerged in an oil bath, sealed in a housing. 
ENVIRONMENTAL--Green cooling towers represent a viable solution towards meeting regulatory compliance, in line with EPA Clean Water Act, Mandate 316(b). With GCTS hydro-turbine power, the need for electricity to power cooling fans is eliminated, resulting in reduced carbon emissions to the environment. 

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